Different kinds of Explorer Climbing Frame

Explorer Climbing Frame Ref: TP838

As our starter climbing frame the Explorer suits most gardens and pockets. With careful supervision this frame can be used at low height as soon as your little ones are ready to walk. Add the lower legs and rungs (already supplied) and at full height, your children are guaranteed years of imaginative and healthy ourdoor play.
This product if ordered before 1pm will be delivered next working day.

Price: £120.00 Including VAT at 17.5%

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Explorer Plus Climbing Frame
Explorer Plus Climbing Frame Ref: TP2
This climbing frame includes the following:
TP838 Explorer
TP840 Platform
TP837 Jungle Run
TP204 2.42 Metre Slide
TP613Handrail Set
Add the accessories of your choice if you prefer.
This product if ordered before 1pm will be delivered next working day.(Mainland England Delivery Only)

Price: £287.85 Including VAT at 17.5%

Explorer Deluxe Climbing Frame
Explorer Deluxe Climbing Frame Ref: TP3

Image shows the following:
TP838 Explorer Climbing Frame at full height
TP840 Explorer Platform
TP961 Explorer Den
TP857 Monkey Bridge
TP204 2.42m Slide Body
TP613 Toddler Handrail Kit
TP13 Scrambling Net
Add the accessories of your choice if you prefer.
This product if ordered before 1pm will be delivered next working day.(Mainland England Delivery Only)
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Price: £407.75 Including VAT at 17.5%

Challenger Climbing Frame
Challenger Climbing Frame Ref: TP912
The TP Challenger climbing frame truly lives up to its name – Challenging the most adventurous eight year old at full height, entertaining the curious one year old at low height. Awarded Mother & Baby Star Buy and Practical Parenting Best Buy.
This product if ordered before 1pm will be delivered next working day.

Price: £150.00 Including VAT at 17.5%

Challenger Plus Frame
Challenger Plus Frame Ref: TP5

Includes the following:
TP860 Platforms
TP888 Crazywavy Slide
TP878 Crazywavy Extension
Add the accessories of your choice if you prefer.
This product if ordered before 1pm will be delivered next working day.(Mainland England Delivery Only)

Price: £314.90 Including VAT at 17.5%

Challenger Deluxe Frame
Challenger Deluxe Frame Ref: TP6

Includes the following:
TP912 Challenger Climbing Frame at full height
TP860 Challenger Platforms
TP887 Challenger Toddler Kit and Den
TP888 Crazywavy Slide Body
TP878 Crazywavy Slide Extension
TP309 Triangle Net
TP 758 Basketball Games Set
TP757 Basketball Frame Mounting
TP946 Twizzler 2
Add the accessories of your choice if you prefer.
This product if ordered before 1pm will be delivered next working day.(Mainland England Delivery Only)

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Ascend the Nile Expedition Underway

Ascend the Nile Expedition underway again.

Ascend the Nile is underway again. The resumed Expedition started on 3 March 2006. The three man core team, Neil McGrigor, Cam McLeay and Garth MacIntyre, are travelling in their small inflatable boats known as Zap Cats on a unique Expedition to ascend the Nile from sea to source.

They have now made their way to the Karuma Falls where they are about to begin the next stage of the Expedition. The team had been planning to start from the point in Northern Uganda at which the Expedition came to a halt last November when rebels attacked, killing one of their aides and injuring the team. But there is still considerable rebel activity in the area and on advice from security advisors they have now proceeded further up the river before re-entering the water.

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There is still much ahead of them in Uganda. They have to ascend some 67 rapids and a waterfall as well as travel across Lake Victoria. At least 8 of the rapids will be impossible to ascend with the Zap Cats alone.

The rapids have already proved difficult and dangerous. Wanting to follow faithfully the contour of the River and not deviate in land the team had previously used a Flying Inflatable Boat (FIB) to transport themselves and their equipment by air over the rapids. Whilst this proved extremely effective the pilot, Neil McGrigor encountered some very arduous flying conditions and eventually after a heavy landing the FIB was put beyond flying.

The team therefore had to solve the challenge of wanting to follow the river but knowing that there are rapids that just cannot be ascended in Zap Cats. The solution is one which was definitely not available to their Victorian predecessors – helihopping! Neil McGrigor has devised a four point fixing system on the Zap Cats which will allow them to be hooked onto to a helicopter’s strop. The boat and its payload of team member and equipment will then be literally whisked off the water and over the rapid. Whilst Neil has practised this many times in his garden in the UK it will interesting to see how the unique system fares in Uganda!

Once the team have overcome the rapids of Uganda they then face the long haul across Lake Victoria. The team will be effectively island hopping for some of the passage but will have to face at least 50 km out of sight of land in their 4 metre boats, another challenge and hopefully another first for the team.

The team hope to enter Rwanda in mid March ready for the final push up the Kagera river system and to the hoped for discovery of the longest source of the longest river in the world.


21 February 2006

Nile Expedition to resume after rebel attack

Ascend the Nile, the Expedition attempting the first complete ascent of the Nile, is to resume in early March. The historic journey up the Nile came to a halt in November 2005 when rebels attacked the team in the Murchison Falls National Park in Northern Uganda. The attack resulted in the tragic death of one of Expedition “aides” and left the team with serious injuries.

The Expedition will once again be co-led by British Adventurer, Neil McGrigor and New Zealander Cam McLeay. Neil, who suffered burns and a broken leg, is sufficiently recovered to continue the journey. Cam, whose feet suffered severe lacerations, is now fit enough to return to the river. Fellow New Zealander Garth MacIntyre, who received a bullet graze to the head, has also healed and will return to Africa to join them. This core team of three will continue to make their way up the river Nile to its longest source, believed to be in Rwanda.

The journey will once again be made in Zap Cats, small twin hulled inflatable boats. The team will be pleased to be reunited with their boats which have already travelled over 5300 km and seen them through some incredible adventures. These have included being the first people ever to run the Cataracts in Egypt, weathering storms at Kusti in Sudan, becoming the first team to ascend the Fola series of rapids in the Murchison Falls area of Uganda, encountering huge crocodiles and almost daily picking their way through vast pods of hippos.

Using this unique transport Neil, Cam and Garth also travelled unsupported across the vast Sudd swamp and in doing so were able to map and re-measure it. This has revealed that the Nile is definitely longer than ever thought and has led the team to be confident that there are even more exciting findings to be made, both about the Nile’s length and its source.

These discoveries are all part of the Expedition’s objectives and to ensure those objectives can still be met the journey will resume at the point the team left the river in November. As with the first part of the Expedition all proper safety precautions will be taken but the team will still continue largely unsupported.

Commenting on his imminent return to Africa Neil McGrigor said “I am looking forward to getting back on the river Nile. The first part of this journey was incredible in every way but, of course, tinged with great sadness at the loss of life. All of the team have thought hard about going back but have decided that our objectives still remain to be fulfilled. This is one of the last great adventures and it will focus positive attention on countries that for too long have suffered only bad news. We will, of course, take all steps to protect ourselves but equally we will not be deterred from achieving our goals by terrorism” Visit saxoncourtbooks.co.uk for more…


Residential Moving Company

London Residential Moving Company

Residential moving services from Lone Star Movers and Storage London removal company. We are a professional residential moving company covering Richmond, Kingston, Central London, west London and all the Greater London areas. All our domestic removals are fully insured, this comes as standard with all our free moving quotes. We are your London residential moving company offering a complete range of moving, packing and storage services customized to meet your individual needs.

No matter if you are moving a single item or your entire London home we are the local residential mover you can rely on.

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Affordable House Moving and Storage
For over 8 years Lone Star Removals and Storage has been moving the homes of people like you and helped move their most valuable possessions. We like to think we’ve established a new level of service standards that we consider to be an elevated residential moving experience. We’ll meet all your moving needs, even the ones you’re not aware of.

London Residential Moving and Storage
[block-number]1[/block-number]We value your things as much as you do. From wardrobe boxes to dish boxes, safe carriers for your belongings and wrapping and protection of your furniture.



[block-number]2[/block-number]We’ll take care of your entertainment setup. Whether it’s audio/video disconnection or making sure your Plasma TV is packed facing screen side up, we can customize wrapping and packing and pay attention to even the smallest details.

[block-number]3[/block-number]Don’t call us babysitters…But we’re awfully patient when it comes to the care of kids or pets involved with the move.
We get your buildings. We’ll protect your building’s floors when required by building management and show a Certificate of Insurance as required by your building.[/block-number]

Simple House Moving Solutions
We’re good with our hands. We’ll disassemble and reassemble furniture items that do not fit through the doorways. Plus, we’ll provide on-site carpentry services when the move calls for it (sofa or more complex furniture dis assembly).
Did we mention this is all part of your quote? All these services will be included in your all-inclusive price that is given up-front and never changes. Read more……