Painting is applying a pigment or color to a surface or canvas of choice; it uses tools such as brushes and pigments to create a portrait. It is an art that depicts or conveys the artistic side of an artist, thus creating a masterpiece; painting is also a medium of expression.

Below are the different types of Painting Styles.

Western Style

One of the most common styles being used and practiced in the modern era is the western style; discussed below are its different form.


Impressionism  Style

Is a western style originated from Paris in the late 19th century; known as an art movement, impressionism is a painting style that is more focus on landscapes and sceneries that artist of these styles are more fond of.  This style chooses common subjects and uses thin strokes the is uniquely the feature of this painting style.

This painting style uses minimal dark colors and artists of this genre are keen in choosing the right shade to make it more realistic when painted in canvas giving importance to normal lighting.


Expressionism Style

Expressionism is an abstract style of art that has numerous forms; this kind of art is mostly known to portray human emotions and feelings. The masterpiece that could be created from this kind of style is of the artist’s’ emotion or the emotion that the artists want to create for the viewer. Expressionism creates a piece of art that presents a subjective image changing it radically to create an emotional painting; it is more on emotional experience than the actual happenings.


Modernism Style

Modernism in a straightforward definition is far more different than that of a traditional art painting; it is a combination of different forms of discipline of painting with no limitation compare to the usual method.

colorful abstract paint

Abstract Style

Abstract art is a product of radical thought; any form of art that illustrates anything without conveying the truth is defined as abstract. This kind of style does not use objects, humans or animals; it only uses shapes or colors to express the emotion or the feeling of what the artist wants to convey to its audience.

There may be a variation on this genre because artists are free to exaggerate objects or shape just to express the meaning of their creation. Each color on every abstract painting has a meaning; thus abstract painting is like putting an emotion to a piece of art that the only visible things are the mix of colors and shapes. The depth of the color and how the artist arranged the shapes also give a meaning to the piece; thus only those who are artistically innate or has a passion for art could understand the emotions of the painting.

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Cubism Style

Is an abstract art that uses geometric shapes to form an art and is considered as the most influential form of art in the 20th century; it uses shapes to form an object that depicts different views from the audience. Cubism became famous and starts the bloom of evolution of a new perception of art producing more diverse masterpieces.