Calligraphy is a form of visual art that uses linguistic signs or symbols to create an artistic expression that compliments factual embodied meaning; seen as an extension of writing, calligraphy is used by artist expert on this genre a form of linguistic signs for artistic modulation. Difficult to define the limits of calligraphy, it may not be that easy to evoke the meanings whenever we try to alter our way of writing; unnoticeably we may be using the calligraphic method without any linguistic background.

Sometimes we take our writings beyond the linguistic or artistic qualities and we outdo the literal meaning to the point that the true meaning may be partly or fully hidden by our abstract mind; calligraphy has its own language and each sign or symbols have meanings.

Modern calligraphy is seen anywhere, it is actually one of the most common forms of writing from a functional inscription or in a piece of art where letters may not be readable or difficult to be understood. Today, calligraphy is used on occasions such as in wedding invitations, event writings, fonts styles, and typography, it is also used as written logo design, graphic design, memorial documents, and announcements. Commonly used as designs, calligraphic designs are often used as props, certificates, and written works.



Calligraphy is artistically a piece of writing that everyone has its own way of doing it, with the right kind of tools calligraphy is as simple as writing with an ordinary stroke.  The principal tools that are used by calligrapher are pen and the brush; a pen with different end tips (flats, pointed or round) and steel brushes and other decorative pens can be used.

Water-based ink is used along with a high-quality paper that has a good absorption consistency gives a clearer line. Templates and light boxes are used to create a straight line without any pencil marks that may ruin the work.

quill pen ink and paper


Different style of calligraphy may differ from places to places;  just for example in western calligraphy, it has its own special features like illuminating the first letter of each chapter of a book in the old medieval time. Writings may also have a so-called “carpet page” that may lead the writings filled with complex geometrical forms with strict rules and shapes; its writing has a so-called geometrical order of lines on the page. It is also characterized by precise stroke order making it unique and uniform.

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As calligraphy differs from countries to countries to the country, others considered calligraphy a part of the tradition. Shūfã the traditional name for Chinese calligraphy means the method or writing law; while shodō in Japanese means the way of writing and etc. East Asian calligraphy is important as their culture.

Calligraphy doesn’t have a basis for it to be called exact because there are numerous forms of its art, each calligraphy has its own meaning depending on the country and culture it is being used.  This is another form of art that anyone could have its own variety, calligraphy is used and still being practiced.