What Does Gambling Addiction Withdrawal Look Like?

gambling addiction

Addictions, no matter what areas of our lives they affect, are all difficult to quit. Gambling wasn’t considered a serious addiction a few years back. The truth is, anything that comes in the way of your responsibilities and starts off as a hobby but morphs into something you ‘can’t’ do without, is an addiction. You can learn more about online gambling over at BingoMummy.

One can be addicted to anything so other non-mainstream addictions include nail biting, smartphone addiction, Instagram addiction, Netflix addiction, etc. It is not easy to quit an addiction as you would think, so if you have anyone in your life going through an addiction you need to show them a lot of care and patience. Many mistake a gambling addiction to focus solely on a financial aspect instead of seeing the deep and profound control it could have over an individual. Compulsive gambling is a real and powerful addiction and just like any other addiction, it has its own withdrawal symptoms.

How does gambling become an addiction?

Scientists discovered that whenever we gamble, a burst of dopamine is released. Dopamine is the feel-good hormone-triggered whenever we feel a rush of excitement. We become addicted to that feeling and don’t find the kind of satisfaction it gives us in any other area of our lives. Basically, nothing can top the rush of making a bet. This pattern starts off slow and before you know it, you are knee deep and don’t even notice it. Drug addicts also go through the same pattern and have a set of withdrawal symptoms once they cut their use. Gamblers undergo the same.

addiction in gambling

A 2008 article in the “International Gambling Studies” journal stated that researchers weren’t able to distinguish whether a group of gamblers was suffering from the effects of not being able to gamble or not being able to find a way to relieve stress.

Nottingham Trent University’s Professor Mark Griffiths did a study too and found that gamblers who were unable to suffered from sweats, nausea, moodiness, irritability and stomach cramps.


The professor has done extensive studies on compulsive gamblers and he believes that it shares similarities with other addictions like alcohol, heroin, nicotine and crack. A gambling addiction usually dominates a person’s mind, leading to cravings and causing you to think of nothing but gambling. It’s also possible for players to build a tolerance, leading to them needing to up their ‘fix’ over time. The constant chase leads to an addiction.

If your loved one is having a problem with compulsive gambling, consult a trained addiction specialist and/or a therapist to understand what treatment options are available. Do all your research and ask as many questions as you like. It gets better with time.…

Tips On Buying The Best Gaming Chair

Gamers who spend a lot of time in front of the computer know that for their overall gaming experience to be perfect, comfort plays an important role. For increased comfort, which will allow you to spend as much time as you desire playing, sitting in a good chair is essential. However, when searching for this type of item on the internet, the variety of options you will come across will make it difficult for you to choose. So in order to select the best gaming chair, there are a few tips you need to follow. Keep reading and find out the most important considerations.

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Although the coolness factor is probably the first thing that catches your eye, you should not make this aspect your first selection factor. The material is one of the first details to inform yourself about. If the material used for its design is a cheap one, then do not expect it to last in a good condition for a long time. Adjustability is also relevant when purchasing this type of product. Each gamer has their own preferences in terms of sitting arrangements, so the chair you buy should be customizable, and should have a versatile mechanism included. This will allow you to sit in an adequate position, while you are enjoying one of your favorite games. So, when wondering what the best gaming chair is, these are the details you need to pay attention to first.

Even if you have come across an online store that promises to deliver the best chair out there, you should still do a bit of research on your own. After figuring out if a particular chair model and brand meets your requirements in terms of price, material, design and adjustability, what you should do next is read a few reviews. Yes, nowadays you have the opportunity of finding reviews on almost any type of product, and that includes gaming chairs. Search for an informative website that publishes reviews on these products, see if the information is written by experts, and then find out what is being said about the model you want to buy. The right informative website will prevent you from wasting your money on the wrong item, and making a selection will be much easier. Once you sit in your brand new, incredibly comfortable chair, you will be glad you have taken the time to inform yourself properly.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, then comfort is an important consideration when playing, so purchasing an adequate chair is essential. If you are on the hunt for the best gaming chair on the market, then you will probably find useful these few tips. Keep in mind that if you want for your money to be well spent, and for you to receive a product that meets your every need and requirement, reading reviews can make a big difference. Moreover, with so many informative websites on the internet, you should not allow yourself to make a bad purchase.

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What Features A Gamer Should Seek In A Gaming Desk?

Because they are spending a great amount of time in front of their PCs, gamers should seek a few special features in their desks. Of course, affordability plays a great role, but so do their comfort and well-being. Also, some desks of this kind help people spending great amounts of time in their offices. Fact is we only start to realize what benefits the best gaming desk brings us, only after purchasing it. Considering the fact that an average person spends somewhere around 7 hours per day in fort of a desktop, maybe the time to consider investing in such a piece has come. However, what are some features we should seek for in these crucial pieces of furniture?

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1. Get a roomy desk

Space is an important coordinate when it comes to gaming desks. Because games usually have multiple desktops and peripherals, they need enough space to store them all properly. “L”-shaped desks are quite popular amongst gamers lately, but so are multileveled ones. Standard, rectangular desks are also more affordable than the other options available on the market. And if you search the market well, you can purchase a lightweight professional gaming desk with special features like incorporated LED lights in them. For example, E-Blue USA Gaming Desk is the perfect piece of furniture for the SF-themed game enthusiasts. With enough space to store all the necessary gear a professional gamer might need, they offer the perfect gaming tournament experience for the passionate ones.

2. Safety first, even while gaming

Not only you want your desk to be roomy enough, but you want to make sure it can support all the weight of your gaming gear. Although it might seem lightweight, all the gear you have, gathered does weight a bit. If you opt for a product with a sliding keyboard tray, make sure it automatically block when you fully slide it. Make sure the L-shaped ones can be used both ways simultaneously and that you can make the transition from one to the other side smoothly. Make sure there are no obstacles incorporated in the desk’s design. A great L-shaped piece is Walker Edison Soreno Corner Desk.

3. Lasting materials, easy access and sturdiness

You want to invest in a piece that will last for some time, and many claim that the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro might in fact be the best desk for gaming. Built from lasting carbon fiber, it is also roomy enough for a generous desktop. Backing up as a helpful organizer, you it provides easy access to all you games and gaming gear. You mouse, headphones, keyboard, they will also fit without any issues on this spacious, amazing piece of gaming furniture.
Here are some simple aspects you should pay attention to in the process of buying a new gaming desk. Make sure you pair it with a comfortable gaming chair and high-quality gaming gear, and you will have a completely new, top quality gaming experience.

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